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  • Neale Burgess MP, State member for Hastings
  • Neale Burgess MP, State member for Hastings
  • Neale Burgess MP, State member for Hastings
  • Neale Burgess MP, State member for Hastings
  • Neale Burgess MP, State member for Hastings
  • Neale Burgess MP, State member for Hastings
  • Neale Burgess MP, State member for Hastings
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The Somerville community fought for hard its own police station for more than a decade.

The previous Coalition Government
provided the funding to build the Somerville Police Station.

The Andrews Labor Government however is now refusing to provide the police required to open it as a proper police station.

The Andrews Labor Government is intending to use Somerville as a police “building” only, where it will locate Detectives and Traffic Police groups that it is removing from stations in other communities around the Peninsula.

The Andrews Labor Government is refusing to allow Somerville to open as a proper police station and is refusing to allow it to have any local police or public access at all.

The Andrews Government is trying to blame the Chief Commissioner of Police; however we have a letter from the then Chief showing that he wants Somerville to operate as a complete Police Station.

This is the most important protest in Somerville’s history.

Join us and send a strong message to the Andrews Labor Government that:



WHERE: St Andrews’ Church, 2 Eramosa Rd West - Somerville

WHY: Make your voice heard on this very important issue

WHO: Join The Police Association, local Police Officers, community representatives & community members

Public Meeting


Latest News

Bittern Pedestrian Crossing

Friday, 21 August 2015

Member for Hastings, Neale Burgess said, I have today called on the Victorian Minister for Roads, to get on with the job of installing the Bittern pedestrian crossing. The Bittern community has called for the installation of a pedestrian crossing on Frankston-Flinders Road, between the Railway Station and shopping cent...

Andrews’ First Budget Ignores Hastings Electorate

Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Hastings electorate has been ignored in Daniel Andrews’ first budget. For 11 years under the Bracks & Brumby Governments, budget after budget neglected our area; then in stark contrast over the last 4 years under the Coalition, hundreds of millions of dollars were poured into badly needed upgrades to local infrastr...

Roundabout for Pearcedale

Read the letter from the Acting Minister for Roads and Road Safety

Please sign this Petition. Petitioning Luke Donnellan, Victorian Minister for Roads and Road Safety.

Install a roundabout at the intersection of Robinsons Road and Western Port Highway in Pearcedale NOW; before more innocent lives are lost.

Sign the petition NOW



I've been in contact with PTV and Metro on a daily basis to ensure that our trains are returned to service at the soonest possible time.

Buses are not a substitute for our trains, they are slower and miss connecting services; however safety is the number one priority and we need absolute assurance that every level crossing gate will activate in exactly the way it is intended to.

In this picture is Greg Pollack, one of the team installing the axle counters along the Stony Point line.

These devices are a fail safe and will ensure that the safety gates operate everytime a train is nearing one of our level crossings.

Greg is looking at the newly installed axle counter, near Baxter Station.

As soon as all axle counters are installed and the system is tested, our trains will at last return to the Stony Point Line and all rail services will return to normal.

What Labor's waste could buy


Daniel Andrew's reckless, political decision on the East West Link will cost Victorian taxpayers around $800-900 million and scrap the biggest road project, in the fastest growing city in Australia.

The lost money will mean fewer schools and hospitals will be built, fewer trains will be ordered and Victorians will still be stuck in traffic.

Daniel Andrews has put politics ahead of outcomes for Victorians.


"Great news for Western Port and Langwarrin communities"

Artist’s impression of the new Frankston Hospital emergency department expected to be completed in late 2014

The massive expansion of the Frankston Hospital is now underway. Once completed it will make an enormous difference to Victoria’s health network and particularly to health service available to residents of the Hastings Electorate; including the communities of Langwarrin, Baxter, Somerville, Pearcedale, Tyabb, Hastings, Bittern, Crib Point, Somers and Balnarring.

The Frankston Hospital emergency department is one of the busiest in the State, managing close to 59,000 attendances per year including more than 20,000 ambulance presentations annually.

Member for Hastings, Neale Burgess said: "This redevelopment will more than double the size of the existing emergency department at the Frankston Hospital and will include three new hospital wards which will add a further 92 beds"

Mr Burgess added: "This massive upgrade is great news for residents of the Western Port and Langwarrin areas."

This upgrade will make an enormous difference in terms of helping patients move efficiently through the emergency department and into a ward.

Once built, the emergency department would ensure that locals get the clinical support and health services they need, now and in the future

The Victorian Coalition Government, along with the Department of Health, and Peninsula Health are working together with the community to address capacity issues at Frankston hospital and ensure locals get the health services they need.

The $81 million worth of funding will expand the intensive care unit, and construct a new four-level building on site (see artist's impression), which includes:

  • two new 32 bed wards to increase surgical and medical multi-day inpatient bed capacity on site;
  • a new and expanded emergency department at Frankston Hospital;
  • 24 additional short stay beds;
  • 2 additional intensive care unit beds;
  • 2 additional special care nursery cots; and
  • a refurbished emergency department at Frankston Hospital to provide for expanded ambulatory services.

The Frankston Hospital Redevelopment project is expected to be completed in December 2014.


Report Graffiti

Community News 2014

Community News 2014

Download the PDF (3.14MB)


A Future Train Station at Langwarrin

Community drop-in session Wednesday 22 October 2014

A future train station at Langwarrin - Community Drop-In Session

Download the PDF (139KB)


The 2014/15 Victorian Budget Overview

The 2014/15 Victorian Budget Overview provides a summary of the State's economic and fiscal outlook, budget initiatives and the Coalition Government's strategic priorities and objectives.

It contains the Treasurer's message, information about the Victorian economy and strategic approaches to strengthening Victoria's position.

Download the Overview PDF »


Port of Hastings Development

Why Hastings is the answer!

Why Hastings is the Answer!

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