French Island Roads

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) — (13 031) My constituency question today is for the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. I ask the minister to instruct her department to take immediate action to repair and then regularly maintain the roads, roadsides and bridge on French Island. I have recently been contacted by a French Island constituent, regarding the very bad state of the island’s roads, roadsides and bridge. My constituent has provided a series of photos showing roads with a large number of deep and wide potholes, roadsides with little or no drainage capacity and a bridge in complete disrepair.

My constituent has stated the majority of French Island roads are in poor condition. Tankerton Road is now so damaged it represents a hazard to motorists, coastal scrub has encroached so far onto Coast Road that it has been reduced to a one‑way only road and Coast Road bridge is badly in need of repair. I therefore ask the minister to instruct her department to take immediate action to repair and then to regularly maintain French Island’s roads, roadsides and bridge.

Bittern Railway Station

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) — (12 988) My constituency question is to the Minister for Public Transport. At 9.40 a.m. on 15 August a constituent parked her car at the Bittern railway station before travelling to the city by train. On her return to the station at 4.40 p.m. my constituent discovered to her horror that her car had been keyed, vomited on and had its windscreen smashed. When reporting this damage to local police, my constituent was shocked to be informed that the CCTV cameras located at the station were not working. When I last raised this security matter with the minister two years ago, following a bicycle theft at the same station, I was advised that cameras at the station were not operational — two years later and no action, Minister. I therefore ask the minister on behalf of local rail commuters whether she will now finally take action to have these important security devices fixed.

Young St Update

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) — On 3 August I again met with Frankston residents and traders from Young Street, Frankston, to discuss the Andrews government’s botched redevelopment of Young Street and the devastating effects it is having on their city. Many Frankston people have contacted me for help because they say their local Labor MP, the member for Frankston, has deserted them. Many complain about not getting their calls returned or about being avoided when they visit his office. In a further cowardly approach the Frankston MP also uses his close Labor associate Brad Hill and various Facebook pseudonyms in a hate campaign to attack and defame anyone who might criticise or not agree with him.

Armed Robberies

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) — (12 910) My constituency question is to the Minister for Police. With armed robberies continuing to occur in townships throughout my community, including Baxter, Somerville and Pearcedale, I ask the minister on behalf of very concerned local businesses and residents who are now living in constant fear: when will you finally end your political game and open the Somerville police station?

Luke Batty Memorial Shield

BURGESS — On 25 January I was pleased to be able to attend this year's Luke Batty Memorial Shield T20 cricket match and see the Tyabb Cricket Club play the Victoria Police Cricket Club at Bunguyan Reserve, Tyabb, in support of the Luke Batty Foundation. This foundation helps women and children affected by the trauma of family violence. Congratulations to the sponsors and organisers on hosting another successful event.

Western Port Warriors

BURGESS (Hastings) — I was pleased to join John Ballis, chief executive officer of Reclink Australia, in Hastings last Friday to announce the re-establishment of the Western Port Warriors football team and its invitation to rejoin the annual Reclink football fixture. The Western Port Warriors was and will be again an excellent Australian Rules football team for disadvantaged young people in the Hastings and Somerville areas. Reclink Australia will be raising funds through the 2017 Great Peninsula Paddle to be held on Australia Day to assist the re-establishment of the Warriors. The Western Port Warriors football team was a very popular football team that earned the support and admiration of the entire Hastings community. The team was coached by former police officer Andrew Brady, and such was the impact Andrew and his team had on the local community that Andrew, a decorated police officer, was recognised as the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council citizen of the year.

Constituency Question - Bushfire Hazards

BURGESS (Hastings) — (12 123) My question is to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. Earlier this year I wrote to the previous minister after I was approached by a large number of constituents from Crib Point, Bittern and coastal villages, including areas of Cannons Creek, Warneet, Blind Bight and Tooradin, regarding their concerns about potential bushfire hazards

Hazelwood Power Station Closure

BURGESS (Hastings) — A Daniel Andrews government is all about winners and losers. The latest example — —

Honourable members interjecting.

Mr BURGESS — Yes, in fact all of these statements this morning are examples of that. The latest example is this Labor government being determined to be the winner in inner-Melbourne seats under challenge from the Greens and, sadly, the losers are the people of the Latrobe Valley. As usual, the Premier does not care who loses as long as he wins.

Small Business Commission 2016 Bill

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) — I rise to open the batting for the opposition on the Small Business Commission Bill 2016. At the outset, the opposition has tried very hard to find something in this bill to support rather than just not oppose, because if there were something in this bill that actually worked for small business, then we would have been wholeheartedly supportive. Unfortunately the industry feedback really confirmed our view that the bill does not really do anything for small business. It does a number of things that will make sure that the Small Business Commission is busier; there is no doubt about that. At the outset, the opposition will not be opposing this bill, but it would have been an opportunity — I believe an opportunity that has been lost — for us to support a bill if for the first time this government was really going to do something that would help small business.

Hastings Electorate Crime Statistics

Previous DocumentMrNext Document BURGESS (Hastings) — (11 961) My question is to the Minister for Police. The June quarter 2016 Victorian crime statistics show crime has continued to spiral out of control across Victoria. It is up 13.4 per cent in local government areas in the Hastings electorate, with the City of Casey up 17.7 per cent, the City of Frankston up 12.5 per cent and the Shire of Mornington Peninsula up 10 per cent. The statistics also indicate a startling leap of as much as 50 per cent in crime in townships across the Hastings electorate. The Premier and Minister for Police can do no better than claim that the epidemic of home invasions across our state, including in homes such as that of Lisa Stark and her family, are just a very small number, a disgraceful attitude from people tasked with keeping our community safe.