French Island Roads

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) — (13 031) My constituency question today is for the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. I ask the minister to instruct her department to take immediate action to repair and then regularly maintain the roads, roadsides and bridge on French Island. I have recently been contacted by a French Island constituent, regarding the very bad state of the island’s roads, roadsides and bridge. My constituent has provided a series of photos showing roads with a large number of deep and wide potholes, roadsides with little or no drainage capacity and a bridge in complete disrepair.

My constituent has stated the majority of French Island roads are in poor condition. Tankerton Road is now so damaged it represents a hazard to motorists, coastal scrub has encroached so far onto Coast Road that it has been reduced to a one‑way only road and Coast Road bridge is badly in need of repair. I therefore ask the minister to instruct her department to take immediate action to repair and then to regularly maintain French Island’s roads, roadsides and bridge.

Bittern Railway Station

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) — (12 988) My constituency question is to the Minister for Public Transport. At 9.40 a.m. on 15 August a constituent parked her car at the Bittern railway station before travelling to the city by train. On her return to the station at 4.40 p.m. my constituent discovered to her horror that her car had been keyed, vomited on and had its windscreen smashed. When reporting this damage to local police, my constituent was shocked to be informed that the CCTV cameras located at the station were not working. When I last raised this security matter with the minister two years ago, following a bicycle theft at the same station, I was advised that cameras at the station were not operational — two years later and no action, Minister. I therefore ask the minister on behalf of local rail commuters whether she will now finally take action to have these important security devices fixed.

Young St Update

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) — On 3 August I again met with Frankston residents and traders from Young Street, Frankston, to discuss the Andrews government’s botched redevelopment of Young Street and the devastating effects it is having on their city. Many Frankston people have contacted me for help because they say their local Labor MP, the member for Frankston, has deserted them. Many complain about not getting their calls returned or about being avoided when they visit his office. In a further cowardly approach the Frankston MP also uses his close Labor associate Brad Hill and various Facebook pseudonyms in a hate campaign to attack and defame anyone who might criticise or not agree with him.

Armed Robberies

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) — (12 910) My constituency question is to the Minister for Police. With armed robberies continuing to occur in townships throughout my community, including Baxter, Somerville and Pearcedale, I ask the minister on behalf of very concerned local businesses and residents who are now living in constant fear: when will you finally end your political game and open the Somerville police station?

Young Street, Frankston

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) — On Monday of this week I spoke directly with 15 angry Frankston small business owners and staff at Lucky’s Deli in Young Street, where so many businesses have been driven out of business or are on the verge of disaster because of the negligent running of the Young Street improvement project. The Andrews Labor government originally told Frankston locals that the project would be completed by March. This then turned into May, and then into October. There has also been no explanation forthcoming from the government as to why the workmen turned up and erected their bollards, blocking a lot of the shopping facilities and shops at their busiest selling time, just six weeks before Christmas, and yet work did not actually commence on site until well after Christmas.

Redirection of bus routes 782 and 783

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) — (12 837) My question is to the Minister for Public Transport. On behalf of my community the information I seek from the minister, through her department, is to identify the status of the planned redirection of bus routes 782 and 783 to include the north end of High Street, Hastings.

Minster spends $209k on overseas junkets

Mr BURGESS — At last week’s Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearings we heard that the Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, Philip Dalidakis, has jetted around the world on an astonishing seven overseas junkets in the past year, charging taxpayers a whopping $209 000 for the cost of flights, accommodation and expenses. You would think that a person who has spent that much money would come back with a swathe of new initiatives and benefits for Victorian small businesses, yet apparently not one trip was dedicated to that portfolio. When pressed on the nature of these junkets, the minister said his department was looking into new and emerging trade relations, again hoping someone else would generate something that he could claim.

Port Of Hastings Misinformation

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) — Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, no‑one in the freight and logistics industry — one worth more than $23 billion per year to our state — or no‑one with more than a passing interest in Victoria continuing as an international container port destination was surprised to read that Infrastructure Victoria has recommended to the Andrews Labor government that it should rule out Hastings as the state’s next container port. After all we must remember that until this Parliament forced them to stop, the Andrews Labor government was signing up to give the new purchaser of the port of Melbourne a 70‑year monopoly over ports in Victoria, meaning no‑one could build a second port in our state, regardless of how badly it was needed, until around 2085. That is blatant economic vandalism.

Stony Point Line

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) — (12 772) My question is to the Minister for Public Transport. On behalf of my community the information I seek from the minister is an update through her department on the operations of the Stony Point line. This year I have received repeated complaints from constituents about trains not running due to faults with level crossings, replacement buses running late or slower than connecting train services and the need for additional train services. The Stony Point line is currently the only railway line operating daily on the Mornington Peninsula, and it is supported overwhelmingly by the community. My community relies heavily on this critically important service and want it properly maintained and running reliably and on time.

Somerville wants its Stadium Back

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) — On 13 May I joined 100 Western Port basketball association protestors to send a strong message to the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and the Andrews government that the greater Somerville community wants its basketball stadium back. The stadium was destroyed by fire on 1 May 2016. It is high time council and the Andrews government worked together to provide certainty, funding and urgency for the Somerville community around the rebuilding of this vital piece of infrastructure. It was regrettable but unfortunately not surprising that the Andrews Labor government flatly refused to provide even one cent to assist with the rebuilding of the Somerville basketball stadium.