2021 lockdowns

Last year, the Premier stated that:

We’re not going to spend 2021 bouncing in and out of lockdowns.

Whilst our chief health officer, Brett Sutton, stated that:

We’re not going to see, you know, 300s and 400s again in Victoria, not under my watch at least …

These are the two most prominent figures in leading our pandemic response, and at every step of the way they have misunderstood the situation and led Victorians into deeper and deeper trouble.

On 4 August, we celebrated our last doughnut day, before being plunged back into lockdown just 24 hours later. Our government had opened under the assumption that all the cases were under control in quarantine, yet it has now acknowledged that there were possibly four different sources in the community spreading the virus—Norman Swan. With our failing contact tracing at the helm, we are never likely to understand how widespread it was then and how widespread it is now.

In comparison with the testing rates and outbreak control in NSW, Victoria is routinely testing around half the amount of people that NSW is. This is after accounting for population as well. How can we expect to get a clear picture of the current outbreak without understanding how widespread COVID is within our community—or does the government just not want to know because it would look even poorer in comparison?

We need greater testing rates and a government that strives to understand the virus, not one that misrepresents and lies. Under a Guy government, we would firstly ensure we understand the virus and then be transparent on the health advice we are receiving from non-politicised bureaucrats.