AGL Crib Point

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (09:57:11) — Following a long but ultimately successful fight together with my community to stop the Brumby Labor government’s bitumen and urea plants being forced onto the foreshore at Crib Point, we now face a similar attack on our community from AGL and the Andrews government wanting to force a gas facility on us. On 10 August last year and again this week the Andrews government made it very clear that it is behind AGL’s push to force its facility on the Crib Point community. After a great deal of consultation with my local residents I have made it very clear to AGL that, if they continue to force their facility onto Crib Point constituents and we are elected in November this year, we will stop them. More than a decade ago during the fight to stop the bitumen plant, the federal member for Flinders, Greg Hunt, and I made the commitment that we would fight any reindustrialisation of Crib Point, and we intend to keep that promise.

Not only will the proposed gas facility and pipeline have a damaging effect on amenity and local property prices, it will also make it virtually impossible to fight any other toxic industry locating at Crib Point, or even the state Labor government’s relocation of Coode Island down there, as has been rumoured. I have held public meetings and invited representatives of AGL and asked them to explain their plans, and it is fair to say that they have been unable to do so. The 40 local jobs that AGL were spruiking have been shown not to exist at all. Rest assured I am opposed to this project, and so is my community.