AGL Crib Point Gas Terminal Cancelled

The Liberal policy opposing this inappropriate development was based on three grounds:

support local residents who oppose the project at Crib Point

serious environmental concerns with the effects on Western Port and proposed pipeline route

opposition from the legally recognised Indigenous traditional owner group.

The department received over 6058 submissions about this proposal. The overwhelming majority of those opposed it, including the Mornington Peninsula Shire and Bass Coast Shire councils.

I would like to thank the many individuals, community groups and businesses who submitted submissions expressing their strong concerns about this project.

My community has been telling Labor governments for years that we do not want industrial development at Crib Point. I’m very proud to have worked with my local community to secure this great outcome.

True to form, this proposal was just one of a long line of toxic industrial plans the Labor Party have tried to impose on Crib Point, beginning with Boral’s bitumen plant and urea plants under Brumby Labor and the statement by former Andrews government ports minister and member for Narre Warren North about plans to use Western Port for coal shipment and then the AGL gas terminal. None of these proposals were bringing any jobs with them, which likely explains why no other locations wanted them in their areas.

The AGL proposal by the Andrews government was just more proof that Labor views Crib Point as a place to send toxic industry that nowhere else will accept.

While others have claimed to have played a part in stopping the AGL plan, those claims fly in the face of statements made by them to people during the process that they had no influence! Not surprisingly, FOI requests revealed no communication with the decision-maker on the topic and not even a peep here in this house. Perhaps we are to believe it was secret talks in the hallways of Parliament that had such a major effect on the minister.

When elected to government in 2010 I had the pleasure and honour of stopping Labor’s bitumen and urea plans for Crib Point and I informed AGL that if a Liberal government was elected in Victoria it would stop their plans too.

I made a promise to the people of Crib Point, Bittern, Balnarring and Somers more than a decade ago that a Victorian Liberal government will always protect Crib Point from industrial development and that is a promise I will always keep.