Aldi Armed Robbery Angers Locals

Aldi in Somerville, their staff and customers are the latest victims of a crime spree which has seen crime skyrocket by a terrifying 17.5% under the Andrews Government.

The ongoing crime spree across Somerville and surrounding towns throughout the Western Port area is yet further proof that the Andrews Labor Government has lost control of law and order in this state.

Governments must lead by example and by closing police stations and weakening laws; Daniel Andrews has sent a very clear message to communities, that his government will not protect them, to victims that they don’t matter and to criminals that they have nothing to fear.

The decision by the Andrews Labor Government to refuse to provide operational police so that the Somerville Police Station could open to the public and do the job it was built for, is typical of a Premier that puts politics ahead of community safety.

This community has had enough of a government that allows criminals to run rampant through our streets, invading our homes and destroying our businesses.  

Our local police do a wonderful job fighting to keep our community safe and they need the real support of their government to provide leadership and stronger laws. 

Quotes attributable to Neale Burgess MP, Member for Hastings:

“Daniel Andrews must stop playing political games with our lives and immediately open the Somerville Police Station”

Daniel Andrews should take the politics out of the issue, admit he was wrong and put the safety of community first”.

No one knows safety better than local communities and that is why the Somerville community campaigned long and hard for their own police station”.