Another Armed Robbery in our community - when will Daniel Andrews act?

Another township within the Hastings Electorate has been targeted by an armed robbery in what is now the third incident in as many weeks.

The local newsagency in Pearcedale was targeted in a broad daylight armed robbery on Wednesday 26 July leaving the community concerned and awaiting action from the Premier to put a halt to this crime tsunami.  

Local Liberal Member for Hastings, Neale Burgess and Shadow Minister for Police and Community Safety, Hon Ed O’Donohue have expressed their concern for the spate of crime in the local community and are calling on the Premier to act.

Victoria is now the undisputed crime capital of Australia.

While other states are seeing a decrease in crime, Victoria is clearly in the grip of a crime tsunami. 

These sorts of acts will not be tolerated under a Guy Liberal Nationals Government; it is time the Premier takes on board the raft of measures the Coalition has announced to make this state safer. 

We need mandatory sentencing and ensuring these repeat offenders are in jail, not crawling amongst our community, creating havoc. 

Daniel Andrews can no longer band aid these issues with a simple slap on the wrists for these offenders.  Time for action is now. 




Quotes attributable to Neale Burgess MP, Member for Hastings:

Residents of Pearcedale, Somerville and Baxter should not be living in fear because of Daniel Andrews’ inability to manage law and order”

“We need more police on the beat, we need mandatory sentencing and we need a government that is tough on crime.  Time for talking and weak law and order policies to be thrown out the door, it’s time for action”. 

Quotes attributable to Hon Edward O’Donohue MP, Member for Eastern Victoria Region and Shadow Minister for Police, Community Safety and Corrections:

“Daniel Andrews has no will or plan to protect Victorians. It’s no coincidence this crime tsunami only swamped Victoria after Daniel Andrews was elected”

Media Contact:    Neale Burgess          0408 334 222