Baxter High Traffic Noise Protection

I have been contacted by BRATPAC Inc. (Baxter Residents and Traders Progress Action Committee) seeking the installation of road noise barriers for homes located in the proximity of the on and off ramps near the Baxter overpass on Peninsula Link.

Baxter residents have advised that the noise increase in these areas is becoming intolerable and disturbing during the day and keeping them awake at night. The vegetation that was originally provided is extremely inadequate as acting as an appropriate buffer to block excessive traffic noise.

Baxter residents have written to the local council and VicRoads and have been fundamentally informed that the noise does not exist.

This is not the case, as many Baxter residents have advised that the road noise coming from the higher traffic volumes of both heavy and smaller sized vehicles has increased significantly on Peninsula Link since it was opened in January 2013; however, appropriate road noise barriers that were part of the design of the original structure have not been installed.

The removal of vegetation along the Frankston-Flinders Road service road has also increased the road noise for the residents that live in that vicinity.

I seek the minister’s assistance with this matter to help improve the quality of life of Baxter residents.