Bittern Pedestrian Crossing

Member for Hastings, Neale Burgess said, I have today called on the Victorian Minister for Roads, to get on with the job of installing the Bittern pedestrian crossing.

The Bittern community has called for the installation of a pedestrian crossing on Frankston-Flinders Road, between the Railway Station and shopping centre for many years and I was very pleased to have obtained the funding of $224,000 for it last October.

Work on the crossing commenced in March this year, but was abruptly stopped a short time later.

I wrote to the Minister for Roads asking for an explanation and received a reply stating that work had ceased because an electrical contractor had withdrawn and had to be replaced.

I’m concerned about the Minister’s letter, because I don’t think it provides a plausible reason for such a long delay. An electrical contractor withdrawing may explain a delay of a week or two, but it has now been 5 months, and the Minister has indicated that it may still be several more months.

The Bittern community has waited long enough for this project to be completed and any further delays are unacceptable.

I have again written to the Minister; this time asking that he personally intervene to ensure that installation of the Bittern pedestrian crossing is completed as a matter of urgency, by giving it the priority it deserves.