Covid Business Closures

Joe has been let down by the Andrews Labor government at every turn. Initially, he was denied the financial aid he was entitled to due to a technical error in his application. Rather than offer him assistance to rectify the simple mistake, this government simply sent him a rejection email.

While my office was able to assist Joe to fix the issue so he could gain access to the funds he was entitled to, after five lockdowns Joe’s business had seen a downturn of more than 60 per cent. He simply could no longer afford to pay his rent. When he contacted the Victorian Small Business Commission for help in negotiating with his landlord, he was told there would be a four-week wait—four weeks a struggling business owner does not have.

Not only is Joe no longer able to keep his business open from a financial standpoint, he is mentally exhausted from the constant state of the unknown he is forced to live in under this government. It is these real, tangible examples of small businesses and their owners hitting the wall that this government refuses to acknowledge while it pats itself on the back for what a great job it has done.