Construction Begins on new $4 million Somerville Technical College

I was very pleased to have the opportunity of turning the first sod at the construction site of Somerville’s new $4 million Technical College.

The Somerville Technical College is being built beside the Somerville Secondary College and adjacent to the Somerville Rise Primary School.

The Technical Education Centre will provide specialised technical facilities, including building construction workrooms, electrical technology facilities and an external workshop area.

Once completed, this specialist facility will offer local students a much wider choice in education.

By providing state-of-the-art specialised facilities, the Somerville Technical Centre will offer local students a much broader curriculum and enhanced career opportunities.

The Napthine Government is committed to providing high-quality learning environments in Victorian schools and has continued its record funding of education and skills, with $12 billion for the current financial year.

The Napthine Government recognizes that children learn in different ways and that people who take on technical, practical or skills based careers are every bit as important to our community, as the more academically minded.

It’s important that we give our children every chance to excel and the Somerville Technical College will provide that opportunity for children that prefer a more hands on learning experience.

When Labor closed Victoria’s technical colleges in the late 80’s, it was a heavy blow to children who learn in a practical or skills based way. Somerville’s new Technical College will enable our young people to study a trade and gain practical skills to help make them job-ready.