Country Fire Authority enterprise bargaining agreement

Last Sunday it was my honour to join more than 3000 Country Fire Authority (CFA) volunteers, the Leader of the Opposition, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and many of my Liberal and Nationals colleagues at a rally in the Treasury Gardens where, on behalf of all Victorians, the Premier and his Labor Party partners in crime were told to keep their grubby hands off the CFA. The CFA has a very proud history of serving the Victorian community, and as the Leader of the Opposition told the rally, 100 years of volunteering to put their lives on the line and stand between Victorians and destruction is no ordinary service. When the Premier made his secret deal with the leadership of the United Firefighters Union — a deal that put his party in government and installed him as Premier — he sold out all Victorians. He agreed to put Victorians at risk for his own advancement. His underhanded plotting with the union leadership to take control of our CFA confirms beyond doubt that the Premier puts his own ambitions and the demands of his union mates ahead of the needs of Victoria's volunteers and communities. Surely the no. 1 prerequisite to be the leader of your state is that you are prepared to put the welfare of the citizens of the state above your needs and ambitions. On that basis some may argue that this Premier has failed, but I do not agree. I do not agree because I think this may be the first time this Premier has succeeded in doing exactly what he wanted to do — the first time ever. He has achieved exactly what it was he agreed to. The Leader of the Opposition, all of my Liberal and Nationals colleagues and I stand with our CFA volunteers in their fight against this duplicitous Premier.