COVID-19 Curfew

Instead of draconian sledgehammer tactics we need a plan that utilises all elements, including rapid antigen testing, tracking and tracing, vaccination and effective treatment. Most treatments currently being spoken about are most effective in the early stages of the disease, so rapid antigen testing will also help with early diagnosis. Under a Matthew Guy government Victorians would know the facts of the health advice and have a clear path through and out of this pandemic.

How can Victorians have confidence in a government that has failed them six times and won’t tell them when they will be able to live their lives again?

No-one has a magic bullet. Victorians have never expected this fight to be easy, but they did expect their government to have a plan and to let them in on it. However, the directionless approach of this government is soul destroying. Our community needs and deserves hope and compassion, but most of all a plan.