Dalidakis will again be a no show at Young St Traders Meeting

During today’s Question Time in the Legislative Council, Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, Philip Dalidakis was asked a very serious and direct question about Labor’s botched Young Street Frankston project and whether or not he planned to attend the upcoming meeting of traders on Monday 28 August.

His lack of answer was deafening, he’ll be a no show, again, for a third time. 

Dalidakis refused to answer the question, ducked and weaved with no intention to address the very serious nature of the meeting, which goes to the heart of compensation for these struggling traders who have been left to hang out and dry by this government.

Instead, he chose to make some cheap shot attacks at female frontbenches whilst ignoring the serious nature of the question.

Minister Dalidakis is clearly not capable of representing Victoria’s 556,000 small businesses, but has great form in burrowing his head in the sand and handballing matters to other Ministers. 

He is very capable of jumping on a plane on taxpayer’s money and enjoying jaunts, but doesn’t enjoy having to explain how these trips will help Victorian small businesses. 

Quotes attributable to Neale Burgess MP, Member for Hastings:

“This Minister has sat on his hands as businesses have closed, thousands of dollars has been lost, with some losing as much as 90%, staff cuts and even one suicide.  This is shameful act from the supposed Minister for Small Business”.

You’d think as the responsible Minister for Small Business, Dalidakis would be present at least one of the three public meetings, listen to the plight of their struggles and go into bat for these men and women”.

“The Minister couldn’t even answer what his roles are as Minister when asked, if he doesn’t know, how should the people of Victoria”?