Dangerous intersections in Somerville and Hastings

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (11:37:32) — (13 804) My question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. I am seeking information on behalf of my constituents on what assistance the Andrews government is able to provide to upgrade dangerous intersections in Somerville and Hastings. My Somerville constituents have for many years been required to run the gauntlet of Somerville’s double roundabout, situated at the intersection of Eramosa Road and Frankston‑Flinders Road, Somerville. This notorious combination of roundabouts, which is located in the heart of the town, also has the added complexities of the adjacent Stony Point railway line crossing and Grant Road. The roundabout has to contend with traffic entering from all sorts of roads. Further gridlock is created when trains cross.

The intersection of Frankston‑Flinders Road and Marine Parade in Hastings is also very dangerous and congested. Motorists are required to contend with not only two intersections within a short period of time but also rail crossings before and after. Approaching Hastings on the busy Frankston‑Flinders Road, motorists cross the BlueScope railway line then choose to veer left onto Marine Parade or turn right onto Frankston‑Flinders Road, cross the Stony Point railway line crossing and then turn left into Hastings a short distance later. Traffic becomes very congested and dangerous when trains cross.