Frankston Rail Line

The commentary by the CEO of the Committee for Greater Frankston, Ginevra Hosking, in that organisation’s press release on the release of the Frankston to Baxter rail extension preliminary business case said it best:

The release of the long-awaited Frankston rail extension preliminary business case shows that woefully inadequate public transport in our region is still not being taken seriously by the state government, says the Committee for Greater Frankston.

The preliminary business case (PBC) was released on Monday 9 November by Alan Tudge, the federal Minister for Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure. The PBC was prepared by the Victorian government’s Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (LXRP) using a grant from the federal Government.

Committee for Greater Frankston CEO Ginevra Hosking said …

“The failing public transport network between Frankston and Langwarrin is recognised as a nationally significant infrastructure priority by Infrastructure Australia—a top 150 project in the nation.

“But the state government’s indicative preferred option doesn’t even include a local station for the people of Frankston South, Karingal and Langwarrin effectively bypassing 37,000 Frankston City residents.

“The Victorian government was given $1.5 million of public money to create this report, which purports to be a rapid ‘cost-benefit study’ but the report clearly states that actually quantifying the project benefits was ‘out of scope’.

She said the public benefits of the Frankston rail extension had been well documented, widely disseminated through the community, and “strongly supported by our region’s major organisations”.

“The federal Coalition government and federal Opposition obviously understand the benefits as both have already committed to provide an initial $225 million towards its construction.

“It is incredibly disappointing that the state government, in the middle of its biggest-ever infrastructure construction surge, has sidelined the Frankston rail extension project …

“Taxpayer money paid for this rail extension study. We deserve a full explanation about why this project—so vital to our region—has been stopped dead in its tracks.”

I have campaigned for this critically important public transport infrastructure upgrade since 2001 and was very happy to be able to announce with former opposition leader Matthew Guy that a coalition government would match the federal government’s $225 million commitment.

There is only one body that doesn’t believe the people of my community or those of Frankston should have an effective rail system and that’s the Andrews Labor government.