Government Performance

Typical of a Labor government around this stage in their term of government, all of the money is gone, major projects have either stopped or are grinding to a halt, are hopelessly over budget and behind schedule and the Treasurer is now reaching further and further into the pockets of Victorians for more of their money.

Victorians won’t fall for the spin that this government’s mountains of debt are because of COVID; they could see the writing on the wall well before February last year when the pandemic began.

To the best of my knowledge Labor has never taken government other than when the state has been in a sound financial position and it has never left government with anything other than increased debt. That is just one of the many reasons Victorians will vote the Premier and his catastrophic government out in November next year.

Under the Premier and Labor there has been no plan for dealing with the pandemic and there is no plan for recovery after the worst of it has passed.

No Australian state has ever run up a debt of the size Victoria currently has, but instead of providing Victorians with a clear way out, this government sits like a rabbit in the headlights as things keep getting worse.

Under a Matthew Guy government Victoria will have a clear plan to take Victoria back to the top, where it belongs.