Hastings Electorate - BRATPAC Inc

My question is directed to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and the information I seek on behalf of the Baxter community is about assistance to improve road safety conditions for its residents.

On 28 May I was contacted by BRATPAC Inc. (Baxter Residents and Traders Progress Action Committee) seeking an urgent upgrade to road safety in the Baxter village area. This badly needed safety upgrade consists of speed reduction from 80 km/h to 60 km/h limits on Frankston-Flinders Road from Deborah Drive down to the Frankston-Flinders and Baxter-Tooradin roundabout and addition of pedestrian crossings.

The speed of local traffic, combined with a lack of ways to safely cross village roads, presents a significant threat to the safety of local residents.

Currently Deborah Drive residents must traverse four lanes of dangerous traffic to get to the Baxter retail area. Residents of the Frankston-Flinders Road Service Road prior to the small retail area also face similar difficulties when merging onto Frankston-Flinders Road.

Motorists exiting Deborah Drive must contend with traffic exiting from the Peninsula Link Freeway onto Frankston-Flinders Road.

The speed of local traffic and lack of pedestrian crossings near the Sages Road precinct and nearby bus stops combine to create a very dangerous area for local residents.

There is currently no safe place for residents of the Sages Road precinct or for bus passengers departing the two Frankston-Flinders bus stops located directly beyond the Frankston-Flinders and Baxter-Tooradin roundabout to safely cross Frankston-Flinders Road on foot to access the local shops, supermarket, post office, railway station or their homes.

Pedestrian crossings that can safely connect families to the retail area in Baxter West as well as the centre of the township are urgently needed.

I have not yet received the minister’s reply to my letter dated 29 May 2020 regarding this seriously unsafe situation and I now ask for the minister’s urgent assistance.