Hastings Electorate Funding

The Hastings electorate has been ignored during the Premier's first year in office. For 11 years under the Bracks and Brumby governments, budget after budget neglected our area.

In stark contrast, over the four years the coalition was in government hundreds of millions of dollars were poured into badly needed upgrades to local infrastructure and services. Unfortunately this year's state budget was an immediate return to form for Labor, with no new funding at all provided for my community.

The budget did, however, contain an act of total betrayal of my community, that unfortunately has become typical of Labor under the Premier. As is noted on page 89 of budget paper 4, Labor stripped the Port of Hastings Development Authority of $80 million. We do not know where that money has gone, and the government is silent on that.

The funding would have seen the planning phase of this critical project completed and a pathway created to turn the existing 100 mostly local jobs into the thousands of jobs that would change the future for so many Hastings children and their families, secure Victoria's freight and logistics industry and underpin our state's economy in the process.

When you look at the previous four years under the coalition, you realise there could not be a starker contrast between governments. The former government provided $110 million for the development of the port of Hastings, $16.3 million for a new Somerville police station, $4 million for a Somerville technical college, $900 000 for a new Hastings jetty, $275 000 for a new pedestrian crossing in Bittern, a home for the Otama submarine and $81 million for a major upgrade of the Frankston Hospital.

At the time of last year's election the coalition had also committed $1 million to bring the Otama submarine ashore and $2 million to reopen the Langwarrin railway station and establish a large park and ride.