Hastings local turns 100 Years young

Hastings local turns 100 Years young

State Member for Hastings, Neale Burgess MP joined family and friends of centenarian and Hastings local, Jannetje Witte to celebrate the milestone of her 100th birthday.

Jannetje was born in Holland in a town called Texel and worked looking after her family and on local farms, during the Great Depression and World War II.

She migrated to Australia in 1951, living in a hostel in Sydney.  

As a carer for her family, Jannetje built a strong family unit.  It was there she met her husband Tony, who passed away over 20 years ago.  Between them, they had four wonderfully supportive children, Margaret, Elizabeth, Rose and Theo. 

One of Jannetje’s favourite past times is playing a Dutch card game called Klavergas, which she plays with her children and grandchildren who visit her daily. 

In addition to her love of family, Jannetje has a passion for animals, knitting and crocheting.