State Member for Hastings, Neale Burgess strongly endorses the announcement that under a Guy Government, a Royal Commission into Victoria’s fire services will be conducted.

This outcome has been necessitated due to the widespread concern in the community that Victoria’s fire services are in a state of crisis, thanks to Daniel Andrews and his obsession with politicising our state’s fire services. 

His arrogance is putting people’s lives, homes and properties at risk. 

Central to community concern is the operational effectiveness and implications for community safety of past EBAs of the CFA and MFB, current EBAs and the replacement of EBAs.  Under the draft Terms of Reference of the Royal Commission, the process and conduct of negotiations with respect to the replacement of EBAs will be central to the investigative role of the Commission. 

Over 12 months, the CFA board was dismissed, the MFB Board was replaced, with it went a loss of over 100 years of emergency service experience and a loss of depth of experience understanding Victoria’s needs.  All of this, putting lives and properties at serious risk this fire season!

Quotes attributable to Neale Burgess MP, Member for Hastings:

“A Guy Government will protect those who protect us”

“Daniel Andrews own former Emergency Services Minister Jane Garrett was bullied out of a job, because even she knew he was doing the wrong thing by Victorians” . 

“What we have seen under this Premier, is serious allegations of criminality including incidents of bullying, intimidation, sexual harassment, discrimination and other actions which is causing serious concern in the community and a Premier turning a blind-eye”. 

“The standard you walk past in the standard you accept, that is why a Guy Government will not accept the standard set by the current Premier.  We will not turn a blind eye to these serious allegations”. 

“The CFAs in my electorate are telling me this Royal Commission is vital and urgent”. 

“We will take the politics out of fire services once and for all” 

Media Contact:    Neale Burgess          0408 334 222