Hear No Evil Australian Deaf Dog Rescue organisation

My question is to the Minister for Agriculture. I am seeking information on behalf of my Bittern constituents regarding what assistance the government is able to provide for the Victorian branch of the Hear No Evil Australian Deaf Dog Rescue organisation. Hear No Evil Australian Deaf Dog Rescue was founded in late 2014 and is Australia’s first and only deaf‑specific nationwide rescue organisation, focusing on a case‑by‑case approach to each individual dog and potential adopter.

Hear No Evil has approximately 30 foster carers and 50 volunteers. All dogs are taught via visual means of communication, such as sign language, hand signals or gestures, and the deaf and blind canines often receive a combination of hand and touch training. Hear No Evil is a registered non‑profit organisation and is a registered charity with deductible gift recipient status. Hear No Evil has been entirely self‑funded, not receiving any government funding. Hear No Evil is a foster‑based rescue organisation, meaning there are no kennels, and all of its dogs go into home environments where they are exposed to day‑to‑day experiences of family life. However, Hear No Evil can only do so much with its resources and needs help from this government.