Kananook Train Stabling Facility

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (09:39:23) — Unsurprisingly, the Labor member for Carrum has again been caught out in Parliament for misleading the Carrum community, this time about the Andrews government’s plans to build train stabling in the backyards of Kananook residents. Is there no limit to what this member will allow her government to do to Carrum residents? Carrum residents must be wondering where the person they elected to represent them has gone, why she is allowing the Premier to force the Eel Race Road closed, and why another Labor MP was able to say no to the Premier’s sky rail and get it underground instead, but she has just stepped out of the way and let him introduce it.

On 29 March 2018 the member for Carrum rose to her feet in this house and, instead of telling the Premier that we will not treat Carrum residents with such contempt, tried to further mislead Carrum residents by saying that the reason why the Liberal Party was fighting against this Kananook stabling was the fact that we did not want extra services on the Frankston line. Honestly, do you really think Carrum residents are that gullible? I wonder if the member for Carrum has ever bothered to even listen to why her community is so desperately opposed to her plan.