Labor confirms cuts to planned burning across Victoria

In Question Time, the Andrews Labor Government did not rule out that there has been a 75% reduction in planned burning to minimise the risk of bushfires in areas such as the Mornington Peninsula.  


The Mornington Peninsula and Coastal Villages are amongst the areas left dangerously exposed to bush fires because of the Andrews Government’s ideological green agenda.


Our brave firefighters are doing an amazing job to keep residents safe from current fires, however for a state government to deliberately leave excessive fuel on the ground is negligent.


The 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission found that “prescribed burning is one of the main tools for fire management on public land” and in the arrogant attitude that Victorians are coming to expect from this government, Daniel Andrews thinks he knows better than our state’s best fire experts.


Despite the Royal Commission’s recommendations, the state government’s own reports reveal that the amount of planned burning in bushfire prone areas has dropped from 234,614 hectares in 2014-15 to only 64,978 hectares in 2017-18, a reduction of almost 75% under the Andrews Labor Government. 


Concerns about the Andrew’s government’s neglect of this critically important fire protection strategy were realised this week, by Mr Andrew Clarke of Jinks Creek Winery, which has sadly been destroyed by fire, when he told 3AW listeners:  "I've been begging them [Forest Fire Management Victoria] for 20 years to burn off the state forest at the back of our place and still to this day it hasn't happened."


Comments attributed to Neale Burgess MP – State Member for Hastings:


“The 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission was unequivocal about the importance of prescribed being ‘one of the main tools for fire management on public land’.


The Andrews Labor Government has failed to fully implement critical recommendations from the Black Saturday Royal Commission and it is putting Victorian lives at risk.”