Labor Greens Alliance will cost Victorian Small Businesses

Labor Greens Alliance will cost Victorian Small Businesses

Only thing worse for Victoria’s 576,000 small businesses than a re-elected Andrews Labor Government is an Andrews Labor-Greens Government.

Greens MP, Ellen Sandell has already spilled the beans about her party’s plans to deal with Labor after the November state election to form minority government.

We haven’t heard a whisper from Labor today, who have gone to ground and refuse to deny this dodgy deal for government is being concocted.

Victorian small businesses are already reeling from four long years of Daniel Andrews and Labor.

If Victorians are forced to endure a Labor-Greens Government, we will see:

  • Labor and the Greens shut down even more energy stations, forcing up higher electricity prices even more
  • Even more crippling taxes
  • More nationalisation of our key services and industries
  • More carparks replaced with bikeways outside shopping strips which is already seeing businesses suffer
  • More union domination
  • More bureaucracy and more central control

Only a strong and stable Matthew Guy Coalition Government will deliver for Victorians. 

Quotes attributable to Neale Burgess MP, Shadow Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises:

“Four years of Daniel Andrews and Labor is enough, last thing this state needs and wants is a Labor-Greens Alliance, which will bring small businesses down to their knees”.

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