Labor MP for Brunswick, Jane Garrett (who lives in the Melbourne Electorate) 80kms from the Eastern Victoria Region has been parachuted in by the factional warlords of the Labor Party to replace sitting MP Daniel Mulino. 

The Eastern Victoria Region takes in everything from Mornington Peninsula in the west to Gippsland in the east and up to the Yarra Ranges in the north. 

There are 525, 168 electors in the Eastern Victoria Region who will vote later this year in November, but Jane Garrett will not be one of them. 

How can the inner city Brunswick MP represent communities like Hastings, Pakenham, Gippsland and Warragul when she lives so far away?

The Labor Party are showing complete contempt for the people in the Eastern Victoria Region. 

This arrogance is typical from a government that has taken Victorians for granted since their election, more interested in rorting taxpayers, destroying the CFA and jacking up the cost of living than fighting for those people who elected them. 

Jane Garrett is part of a failed government and should not be rewarded with a seat she has no interest of representing. 

Quotes attributable to Neale Burgess MP, Shadow Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises:

Assuming Jane Garrett takes Mr Mulino’s Electorate Office in Pakenham, on a good run, it’ll take her over an hour to get to her office, and hopefully the East-West Link will be built by then”

“Labor don’t care for the Eastern Victoria Region, Ms Garrett certainly doesn’t care about my constituents in Hastings” 

 “Come the election, the over half a million electors that make up the Eastern Victoria Region will decide if they want someone from Carlton North representing them, I suspect not”. 

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