Labor trying to fool Cranbourne South Primary

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (11:57:38) — Since Labor has been governing Victoria for 15 of the last 19 years, Cranbourne South Primary School has been left to rot. Over time the Labor Party has mentioned Cranbourne South Primary School four times. Once, late in 2014, the then Labor shadow Minister for Education arrived to announce that Labor would close and bulldoze the school. Then, just before the 2014 election, Labor promised that if elected it would remove all the school’s asbestos.

What did Labor do once it was elected? It cancelled the $618 000 the Liberal government had committed to the school and announced the asbestos might not be removed for two more elections. After zero interest in our local school for more than a decade and a half of government, why was Labor all of a sudden showing such interest, throwing money at this school? Because the member for Cranbourne, a Labor MP, is retiring and Labor needs votes to get their new union‑backed candidate elected and across the line — of course, it is just 80‑odd days out from the next election. Turning up 87 days before another election, again with no real money but yet another promise that if the community votes for them, this time they will keep their promises, is not fooling anyone.