Litter Reporting

Mr Burgess (Hastings) (09:48): I have been approached by unhappy constituents who have attempted to call the EPA hotline to report littering from a vehicle. After investigating, I have discovered that from 1 July this year the Environmental Protection Authority Victoria has withdrawn this vital service and is instead trying to force members of the community to report such things online. As is the case with many people, particularly the elderly, some of my constituents do not have access to a computer, so this is not an option. As the EPA itself states on its website:

By reporting litter, you play a vital role in keeping Victoria clean.

The Andrews government has clearly decided that keeping Victoria clean is no longer a priority—a situation not at all surprising for those of us who have lived through this same scenario when previous Labor governments set the template for how Labor governments would operate. They start off carelessly spending taxpayer money hand over fist and then telling Victorians of course that they are spending all of their money on what they claim is record infrastructure—sounding familiar? Every time the Premier or the member for Bendigo East gets up in this place and rattles on about how clever they are to have spent so much taxpayer money, business owners around Victoria scratch their heads and wonder why they do not get good value and why it is all of a sudden such a good thing. Then comes the crunch when the infrastructure projects start haemorrhaging money because they are so badly designed and badly planned and have little or no control. Labor always lose control of projects and have continually propped them up in the only way they can—by coming after more taxpayer money. You would only have to look at the West Gate Tunnel Project, the North East Link and each of the level crossings, just to name a few. The government now has come looking for more taxpayer money because they have spent all they had.