Making Victoria Liveable

There are many examples of this lack of logic.

A curfew in place that forces everyone to do their shopping and exercise at the same time as everyone else thus creating a higher likelihood of transmission through forcing everyone to be at the same place at the same time—it would be logical to abandon the curfew to prevent this and give people a little more freedom to help them cope with the lockdowns.

Mornington Peninsula, with next to no COVID cases over the entire pandemic, being considered metropolitan Melbourne, yet the highly populated and high-case region of Geelong is considered as regional Victoria—this should have been reassessed on the basis of population and case numbers instead of being based on old zoning definitions. This has caused a rise of COVID case numbers on the Mornington Peninsula, allowing people from high-risk metro areas to move unimpeded to and from the peninsula.

Toilets being banned at golf courses yet still being open in public parks and settings—whilst this has been overturned now, the lack of logic behind such decisions in the first place is of massive concern.

Under a Guy government, good sense and logic will be restored to ensure that the people of Victoria once again have faith in the government that serves them.