Motorists Hopping Mad Over Windscreen Damage

Member for Hastings, Neale Burgess has written to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety after being contacted by concerned motorists about
the poor surface condition of Frankston-Flinders Road, between Hawkins Road and Scott Grove, Somerville.

Back in April VicRoads resealed a two kilometre section of the above road; however since then the new seal has deteriorated forcing VicRoads to drop the 80 kph speed limit to 60 kph along this stretch of road.

Motorists have reported damage to their windscreens as a result of the new road surface breaking apart and loose stones flicking up onto windscreens and causing damage.

Motorists are now seeking compensation from VicRoads to cover the costs for repairs to their broken and damaged windscreens.

VicRoads has erected a sign on Frankston-Flinders Road stating that repairs to the road will not be completed until November/December.

Motorists are hopping mad about the damage to their windscreens and having to wait until the end of the year before road is repaired again by VicRoads.

I have also received reports that some drivers are failing to adhere to the new 60kph speed limit causing further irritation for motorists.

Motorists have stated that they find this situation totally unacceptable and have asked for the Minister for Roads to urgently intervene and take control of this vital road issue.

I call on the Minister for Road and Road Safety to take charge of the situation and review the currently nominated November/December schedule and to urgently rectify the problem.