Minister Makes Mockery of Portfolio

The Minister not responsible for anything, Philip Dalidakis has referred cleaning contractors across Victoria as rorters, without having any substantial evidence to prove his claims.

He has repeatedly refused to answer questions about the over 700 small businesses who are about to close thanks to his government.

In Question Time, he took his unashamedly arrogant approach to his portfolio responsibilities to a new low.

Instead of addressing the question asked of him, about detailing the specific evidence he had which identifies the so-called rorting that took place of employees, he chose to make a mockery of the issue and cited the Book of Matthew.

This arrogant Andrews Labor Minister needs to apologise at once, to the over 700 small businesses, the mums and dads who have cleaned our schools for decades for calling them rorters.

The man is unfit to be Small Business Minister and needs to step aside from his commission.


Quotes attributable to Neale Burgess MP, Shadow Minister for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises:

“The Minister treats Question Time as an absolute joke.  He has not once tried to attempt to answer questions pertaining to his small business responsibilities.  He shirks them at every possible opportunity”.

“These small cleaning contractors stand to lose everything and all the Minister can do, is get to his feet and crack jokes.  I can assure the Minister, this isn’t a joking matter”.


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