State Planning Minister, Richard Wynne, must delay the public exhibition of the Environment Effects Statement (EES), for its proposed gas import jetty at Crib Point.  

Thpotential consequences of a decision to locate this toxic industry at Crib  Point, are too great to allow such an important part of the process to proceed at a time when our community is in the middle of dealing with a world wide virus pandemic.  

I donbelieve this project should ever have been considered for Crib Point, as it will just serve to once againencourage thinking of this beautiful area as a potential location for toxic industrial development 

The crib Point community has fought long and hard to stop people thinking about their home as an industrial zone and the Andrews Labour Government owes them at the very least, a properly run process, not hidden behind an event that is demanding the full attention of every one of us. 

The AGL EES proposal is currently being reviewed by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, after which time, the Minister will determine its exhibition and public inquiry process. 

The public exhibition of thAGL EES must be postponed and a reasonable extension of time granted for public scrutiny and submissions.  

Comments attributed to Member for Hastings, Neale Burgess: 

“I have been contacted by many people, inside and outside of my electorate, concerned about the Andrews government’s AGL proposal, to establish a gas import facility at Crib Point and the unfairness of an  EES public consultation process being conducted in the middle of a world wide pandemic”. 

Earlier this month I wrote to Minister Wynne requesting a delay of the EES process and an extension of time for public scrutiny and submissions. I pointed out to the Minister that it would not be fair, for a government that is restricting the movement of peopleto at the same time, conduct a process calling for their participation. The full participation of people, in a process that is so important to them, should not be restricted to just written submission, by circumstances beyond their control. 

AGL has had nearly two years to prepare their study, while it is proposed that the community should have just four weeks to respond and through online submissions. 

Minister Wynne’s media release of 9 October 2018 - Full Environmental Assessment For Crib Point Proposal stated: 

“We owe it to the community and the environment to get this right and ensure this proposal is rigorously analysed by the most thorough environmental and cultural assessment tool available in the State.”  

This process is far too important for the public to be denied the opportunity to fully scrutinise the AGL EES and the minister’s own media release emphasises that point”.