Mornington Peninsula Reclassification

The Mornington Peninsula has largely been free of COVID-19 infection, yet it has been locked down anyway, simply because of lines on a map that identify it as metropolitan Melbourne.

The Mornington Peninsula is not a part of metropolitan Melbourne for any other reason than bureaucratic convenience and there is no reason why this ridiculous situation should be allowed to continue.

We can all agree that no individual, group or community should be held under COVID-19 restrictions a minute longer than necessary. Our children’s mental health is declining, our local businesses are struggling, and community spirit is deteriorating.

Whilst the current state-wide lockdown applies to all Victorians, Mornington Peninsula families, particularly children, are now suffering the cumulative effects of an extended lockdown, much of which could and should have been avoided. If the Mornington Peninsula had been locked down only when regional Victoria was and was to be released this coming Friday, when the Premier has stated regional Victoria will be, Mornington Peninsula residents, their children and businesses would have been spared much of the damage inflicted by the Andrews’s government’s careless decisions.

It is time to classify the Mornington Peninsula as part of regional Victoria so that we can minimise the negative impact that lockdowns are having on its residents, children and businesses.