Dogs in Politics Day 2020

Introducing Fleur.

Have Your Say

Have your say: Labor's State of Emergency Extension

Active COVID-19 cases by postcode

Active COVID-19 cases by postcode

Parks & Reserves in the Hastings Electorate

Hastings Electorate has a large and diverse range of parks and reserves which include: sporting reserves, bushland reserves, foreshore areas, wetlands, parks and gardens. 

Covid-19 Hotline Numbers

Covid-19 Hotline Numbers

Save Your Bacon HALT Dial In

Let's talk about drugs & alcohol, online event, hosted by HALT

STAGE 4 LOCKDOWN: Impacted industries & businesses

STAGE 4 LOCKDOWN: Impacted industries & businesses

Gentle Exercises

Fran H, a fabulous local, has provided some chair based and gentle exercises, ideal for those with degenerative issues and dealing with the cold.

Victoria's Brumbies need your help

The Victorian Upper House has made it clear that it would not stand for the Andrews Labor Government’s plans to begin widespread culling of brumbies in Victoria’s high country.

Covid-19. Emergency Relief

There are teams of people in our community able to assist you if you are needing emergency relief.