50th Western Port Festival

As the very proud Patron of the Western Port Festival, it gave me great pleasure to join the Hon Greg Hunt and Cr Kate Roper in judging the winning float the parade, last Saturday.


Congratulations to all winners and the entire committee for their work in organising a wonderful festival for the community.  

Young leaders encouraged to have their say

State Member for Hastings, Neale Burgess is encouraging young people aged 16 to 25 to make their voices heard as part of the annual YMCA Victorian Youth Parliament. 

Local impacts due to Port of Melbourne price hikes

Users of the Port of Melbourne are alarmed that the Ports Minister the Hon Melissa Horne failed to explain in Question Time on Wednesday, why access fees charged by the major cargo handling companies have increased from $3.60 to $80.00 per container over the past 2 years.

Andrews Government's Record

Mr BURGESS — Over the past four years I have visited the majority of electorates across Victoria, many of them numerous times, to meet and talk to many hundreds of small and medium‑sized businesses. Often it is not what they say that you learn from; it is what they do not say. Numbers of these businesses described how they had met with their local MP and a few had even met the minister, but the feeling they were given was that they were expected to sit there and listen while the MP and/or minister spoke.

Bayside Christian College Civics Class 2018

Mr BURGESS — I want to acknowledge Bayside Christian College, Langwarrin. On 12 September I was pleased to be invited to address year 9 Bayside Christian College students, which was great fun because it was about the role and responsibilities of a member of Parliament. I get a real buzz out of meeting with students and telling them about the role of an MP —

Provision of a new public toilet in Warneet

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (11:37:45) — (15 000) My question is to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. I am seeking information on behalf of my Blind Bight and Warneet communities about the provision of a new public toilet in Warneet. Blind Bight and Warneet constituents have stated that a new public toilet with facilities for people with disabilities is badly needed on Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning land at the Warneet boat ramp. The old toilet is unusable. It has no lights, it is too far from the boat ramp and the local council has stated that the area is in fact snake infested. Local residents have stated that on weekends, when over 1000 people visit the town to use the boat ramp, visitors are forced to use the surrounding brush as a makeshift toilet, creating not only a hygiene problem but an embarrassing situation for adults and children alike, while the situation is immeasurably worse for people with a disability.

natural gas reticulation

Mr BURGESS — I am again asking this government to provide badly needed natural gas reticulation to the coastal villages of Tooradin, Blind Bight, Warneet and Cannons Creek. The shadow minister for energy and I were in Tooradin to discuss the need for natural gas to be made available. Following the shadow minister’s visit, I surveyed the residents in the villages and gauged the local uptake of reticulated gas. The support was overwhelming. The needs of the residents of this village are most important.

Labor trying to fool Cranbourne South Primary

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (11:57:38) — Since Labor has been governing Victoria for 15 of the last 19 years, Cranbourne South Primary School has been left to rot. Over time the Labor Party has mentioned Cranbourne South Primary School four times. Once, late in 2014, the then Labor shadow Minister for Education arrived to announce that Labor would close and bulldoze the school. Then, just before the 2014 election, Labor promised that if elected it would remove all the school’s asbestos.

AGL Crib Point

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (09:57:11) — Following a long but ultimately successful fight together with my community to stop the Brumby Labor government’s bitumen and urea plants being forced onto the foreshore at Crib Point, we now face a similar attack on our community from AGL and the Andrews government wanting to force a gas facility on us. On 10 August last year and again this week the Andrews government made it very clear that it is behind AGL’s push to force its facility on the Crib Point community. After a great deal of consultation with my local residents I have made it very clear to AGL that, if they continue to force their facility onto Crib Point constituents and we are elected in November this year, we will stop them. More than a decade ago during the fight to stop the bitumen plant, the federal member for Flinders, Greg Hunt, and I made the commitment that we would fight any reindustrialisation of Crib Point, and we intend to keep that promise.

Jobs creation

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (15:04:25) — It is a pleasure to rise on this matter of public importance (MPI), but it really is just another shonky stunt by a shonky government — a shonky and failed government, a government that is full of spin, full of thieves and really never gets on with the job. All they are ever trying to do is push people around and bully their way through processes.