Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (09:55:58) — Union organisers were sent to visit all Victorian schools to try to pressure cleaners into joining. Only 12 of those many hundreds did. The union told the cleaners that if they did not join they would lose their jobs. Now it is clear for everyone to see who is really running this state, because true to that promise every one of those many hundreds of metropolitan cleaners were sacked.

duplication and electrification of the Frankston rail line to Baxter

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (11:55:43) — (14 779) My question is to the Minister for Public Transport. I am seeking information on behalf of my constituents about matching funding from the Andrews state Labor government for the duplication and electrification of the Frankston rail line to Baxter, following last week’s $450 million plan jointly announced in Baxter by both the Prime Minister and the Victorian Leader of the Opposition. My community is very excited about this stage 1 of the electrification and duplication of the entire Stony Point line. It is critically important transport infrastructure.


Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (14:02:57) — It is a pleasure to rise and speak on the take‑note motion on this year’s budget. It is typical of the last three budgets that this government has produced. It is a boom‑bust budget with revenues just slightly in front of expenditure but of course built on a false base of immigration. Without that immigration we would be in real trouble in this state. It is a very similar scenario to where we were in 1988 moving on from the Cain‑Kirner years. The last time they were re‑elected things looked like they were okay because there was revenue that would substantiate the overlying figure, but in the end we saw that that revenue was built on sand, as the revenue at the moment is built on immigration. If that immigration starts to falter, which projections from the Housing Industry Association says it will, then while the revenue will drop considerably and suddenly, the expenditure that this government has built up certainly will not, and that will leave us in a very dire situation.

Labor Greens Alliance will cost Victorian Small Businesses

Only thing worse for Victoria’s 576,000 small businesses than a re-elected Andrews Labor Government is an Andrews Labor-Greens Government.


Labor MP for Brunswick, Jane Garrett (who lives in the Melbourne Electorate) 80kms from the Eastern Victoria Region has been parachuted in by the factional warlords of the Labor Party to replace sitting MP Daniel Mulino. 


Sensis Business Index (SBI) survey has once again; shown Victoria lags behind our neighbouring states of New South Wales and Tasmania concerning confidence from the small business sector.

Parking for Tyabb Primary School

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will commit $500,000 to build a new car park on a site adjacent to Tyabb Primary School.

Crib Point Fire Station

Mr BURGESS — On 14 July I was excited to join former Crib Point fire brigade captain Geoff Watson, chief officer Steve Warrington, federal member for Flinders Greg Hunt and former and iconic Crib Point resident Rosemary Evans at the turning of the sod ceremony at the site of the new Crib Point fire station. The Crib Point fire station people have worked very hard to secure this badly needed new station and this was another step for this critically important piece of infrastructure. I would like thank Rosemary Evans, who helped drive this project, and Greg Hunt for the land.

Baxter Railway Extension

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (09:49:33) — I congratulate Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the Victorian Leader of the Opposition for making the trip down to Baxter on 17 July to announce a joint $450 million partnership deal for the first important stage of the electrification and duplication of the entire Stony Point railway line. Under a Guy Liberal‑National state government work to electrify and duplicate the line to Baxter will begin next year. The Turnbull government committed $225 million to this transport infrastructure in its 2018–19 budget and the Victorian opposition has also committed $225 million. For the first time residents of Langwarrin, Crib Point, Bittern, Hastings, Tyabb, Somerville, Pearcedale and Baxter will be able to take a short drive to the large park and ride just north of Baxter and catch a train all the way through to the city without changing trains anywhere. For Langwarrin residents there will be no more fighting for a car park in Frankston or other railway stations just to get on the metro line; we are bringing the metro line to you. My community will finally have metro trains and a more frequent and reliable metro timetable available for them and their families.

Somerville robbery

Recently a Somerville resident was robbed, with their money being snatched from their hands shortly after they left one of our local banks. I am told that this local community member has been so traumatised and terrified by this experience that they are too scared to leave their home. This sort of frightening criminal activity is now also happening in the middle of the day in local streets, and it must stop. My community has the right to be and feel safe. This is unfortunately no longer a given under the Andrews Labor government.