Ambulance Victoria Response Times

Mr BURGESS (Hastings)

As COVID-19 cases reach their peak in Victoria, we must ensure that our emergency 000 services are equipped with the necessary resources to deal with the expected influx of calls and hospitalisations. This dire situation must be addressed immediately as all elements of our emergency service operations have been stretched to breaking point, despite the state government having had 18 months of warning in which to prepare.

Slow Roadmap out of Lockdown

Mr BURGESS (Hastings)

As COVID eases in Victoria, we must ensure that the livelihoods of all Victorians are restored as soon and as safely as possible.

Vaccinated Economy for all

Mr BURGESS (Hastings)

This week, the Andrews government has commenced a trial of a vaccinated economy. As these trials commence, we must ensure that the technology used is accessible for everyone and not only those who are more familiar with smartphones.

Business Victoria Hotline

Mr BURGESS (Hastings)

It is disappointing to hear from constituents that Business Victoria hotline operators are not adequately trained or are unable to answer questions from small business owners about COVID-19 business support regarding grants and programs.

Department of Health coronavirus hotline

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (6084)

My question is to the Minister for Health on behalf of my constituents, and I ask: when will the Andrews Labor government upgrade its Department of Health coronavirus website and respond to what appears to be a rapidly expanding number of COVID-19 cases on the Mornington Peninsula?

2021 lockdowns

Mr BURGESS (Hastings)

With the longest lockdown in the world and the most daily cases and deaths in Australia, Victoria is a paradox that has done nothing but fail. At the centre of these failures, the Victorian government have failed to prove that they understand anything about COVID-19 in our state.

Unprepared Victoria

Mr BURGESS (Hastings)

We are now 18 months into a health crisis and the Victorian Labor government has failed to reinforce our health system. It begs the question: why, after so long, with so much warning of what was coming, are our hospitals still not prepared for the reopening of our state?

Why Melbourne?

Mr BURGESS (Hastings)

With a world record-breaking 267 days of lockdown set for the city, it is fair to ask the question: why Melbourne?

Making Victoria Liveable

Mr BURGESS (Hastings)

As Victoria received the road map to reopening, the state is left wondering when we will be able to live our lives again.

A slow easing of restrictions has allowed the draconian measures of the Andrews government to stay in place whilst also depriving Victorians of their freedoms and future. We need this government to reassess its approach and take a commonsense look at their rules and give back safe freedoms to the people.

Andrews Government Failures

Mr BURGESS (Hastings)

With over 800 deaths resulting directly from a failure that has been deemed the fault of the Andrews government’s Department of Health, the Andrews government should take responsibility for their failures.