Public Holidays

I rise to condemn this anti-small business Labor government for the damage it will continue to inflict on Victoria's small business community through its Grand Final Friday public holiday on 2 October.

Shepparton Chamber of Commerce

On 26 August I was pleased to join my colleague Wendy Lovell, a member for Northern Victoria in the upper house,

Public Holidays

On 17 August the Australian Industry Group released a report on the impacts of the Premier's grand final eve public holiday

Trade Union Influence

It is a pleasure to rise and speak on this matter of public importance. Firstly, I would like to wish everybody a very happy Small Business Month, because it is Small Business Month.

Public Holidays

On 13 August I was pleased to join the member for Ripon in speaking to small businesses in Ararat, Stawell, Maryborough and Creswick.

Somerville Police Station

Today I rise to call on the Minister for Police to fulfil the clear directions given by the Chief Commissioner of Police, Ken Lay, as detailed in his letter last year for the Somerville police station, and provide the 16 hours a day service Chief Commissioner Lay had committed to in writing for the people of the Somerville community.

Bittern Pedestrian Crossing

Member for Hastings, Neale Burgess said, I have today called on the Victorian Minister for Roads, to get on with the job of installing the Bittern pedestrian crossing.

Jobs On The Line For New Public Holiday


The Australian Industry Group today released a report on the impacts of Daniel Andrews’ Grand Final Eve public holiday.

Small Business Festival Victoria

I would like to commend sponsors and small businesses across the state for participating in this month's Small Business Festival Victoria. The festival provides information to people who are starting or growing a business and gives business operators the opportunity to learn practical new skills and access new ideas to help boost their productivity and competitiveness. Festival events are being held across metropolitan and rural and regional areas of Victoria from 1 to 31 August.

Public Holidays

On 12 May I was pleased to visit the electorate of the member for Eildon to meet with small business operators.