Slow Vaccination Rollout

Mr BURGESS (Hastings)

It is unacceptable that our booking system for the coronavirus vaccine is not optimised for a quick vaccine rollout.

Labor Government Coronavirus Failure

Mr BURGESS (Hastings)

At the start of the sixth lockdown the Andrews Labor government said that we must lock down now to avoid the situation in NSW. Here we are now, in a far more serious situation that what NSW ever had, and I ask for the government to rationalise how this could have occurred.

Coronavirus Hotline

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (6047)

My question is to the Minister for Health on behalf of my constituents, and I ask: when will the Andrews Labor government upgrade its 1800 675 398 Victorian coronavirus hotline?

COVID-19 Curfew

Mr BURGESS (Hastings)

The current stay-at-home curfew is a complete overreach by a Premier without a plan. Instead of providing evidence of the efficacy of this curfew, the Premier instead deflects and makes baseless claims that it helped us out of the last lockdown.

Victorian Education COVID-19

Mr BURGESS (Hastings)

What was once the source of pride for our state is quickly becoming a reason for shame. ‘Victoria—the Education State’ is plastered on numberplates all around the state, yet the government continues to enforce a ban on children attending school. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the Premier also refuses to say when he will let our children back into their schools.

Rapid Antigen Testing

Mr BURGESS (Hastings)

Why does the Andrews government continue to disregard rapid testing?

Government Performance

Mr BURGESS (Hastings)

The Andrews Labor government has failed to manage COVID, so how can we expect it to manage the recovery? Victorians need a safe pair of hands and a post-COVID-19 plan rather than a Labor government that only knows how to waste money and then ask for more.

Warneet Jetties

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (6013)

My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Fishing and Boating, and the action I seek is for the minister to immediately commence the long-overdue works to reinstate the entire Warneet north jetty and the southern end of the south jetty to a condition befitting the crucial importance of these two structures.

Baxter High Traffic Noise Protection

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (5998)

My question is directed to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and the information I seek on behalf of the Baxter community is about providing adequate high traffic noise protection for its residents.

Mornington Peninsula Reclassification

Mr BURGESS (Hastings)

I have written twice to the Premier about the importance of urgently reclassifying the Mornington Peninsula from being a part of metropolitan Melbourne to that of regional Victoria. I have also raised this important matter on three occasions in this chamber.