Frankston Rail Line

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) - Frankston Rail Line

The Andrews government has failed Victoria in so many ways it shouldn’t be a surprise that it would also fail my community so dismally on infrastructure and in particular, public transport infrastructure, not showing even the slightest interest in their complete inability to cross the Peninsula or their reliance on a rail service that fails so often and runs so infrequently.

Shovel ready projects on the Mornington Peninsula

HANSARD: Mr Burgess (Hastings) (4782) - Shovel ready projects on the Mornington Peninsula

My question is directed to the Minister for the Coordination of Jobs, Precincts and Regions: COVID-19 and the information I seek on behalf of my constituents is regarding information about state government support for the Mornington Peninsula shire’s $320 million worth of shovel-ready projects.

Remembrance Day 2020

This year Remembrance Day looks a little bit different. We are unable to gather to honor those who have fought for our freedoms.

Easing of Restrictions from 8 November 2020

The road back to normal continues with the 25km travel limit removed, increased limits for cafes, increase attendance for funerals and weddings, among other guidelines.


Wild horse control

HANSARD: Mr BURGESS (Hastings) – Wild horse control

I rise today and direct my statement to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change.

Somerville Police Station Funding

HANSARD: Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (4695)

My question is directed to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services and the information I seek is: will the minister commit to funding the police officers needed to open the Somerville police station in next month’s state budget?

We're Hiring - Electorate Officer Role

We're looking for 2 Electorate Officers to join our team!

Third Step of Easing of Restrictions

Some of Today’s Announcements:
🚗 Must still remain within 25km of home
🧳 Intrastate travel: no change
😷 Face coverings: no change

How far is 25Km from your home?

Simply enter your address here to determine how far 25km is from your home.

The Best Offence is a Good Defence

Safe Barriers Save Lives: Drowning is one of the leading causes of unintentional death for Australian children under 5 years of age.