Not cool Minister – Langwarrin Primary School kids sweat on Labor Government’s inaction

The Andrews Labor Government has yet again confirmed what Langwarrin parents have suspected, that when it comes to providing educational facilities, Labor is prepared to put political rhetoric before our kids. 


Langwarrin Primary School boasts over 630 kids with numbers growing rapidly over the last decade.


This wonderful school community has waited patiently for an upgrade to its ageing facilities, but has had its hopes dashed year after year with the school consistently being ignored by the Andrews Labor Government. 


Then last year, just months before the state election, the Andrews Government was forced into announcing funding to the Langwarrin Primary school as part of the requirement to remove asbestos from all state schools.


Under this commitment, the school is to receive a new modular building to replace Block A. The new building will consist of six general-purpose rooms, a food science room, office staffrooms and a reception area. 


The Andrews Labor Government were dragged kicking and screaming to fund anything in the Langwarrin community during the election, but somehow, neglected to provide air-conditioning for a new school building. 


Following a question, asked by the Member for Hastings, Neale Burgess, in Parliament on the 20th of February, the Deputy Premier and Education Minister confirmed that the school will not receive air-conditioning because the Department’s provision for keeping our kids cool is informed by its antiquated and outdated ‘Heating and Cooling Policy’.


This policy fails to plan for the future and again demonstrates how school funding for Labor is all about rhetoric and not about our kids.   





Quotes attributable to Neale Burgess MP, State Member for Hastings:


“The age old saying of do it once, do it right comes to mind, my first thought was this must have been an oversight on the government’s behalf.” 


“How can our kids learn properly when they have to sit through 40+ degree days like we experienced back in January and February”.


“I’m sure the Minister and his advisers sit in comfortable, air-conditioned rooms at taxpayer’s expense, but somehow he doesn’t think our kids deserve the same level of comfort.”.


“This is reminiscent of schools when I was going to primary school, this government needs to get with the times and build new classrooms with air-conditioning”. 


“This is a callous, outdated and archaic policy and I call on the Deputy Premier to reconsider”.