Family Violence

It is an interesting opportunity to stand and speak today, far from being an enjoyable one, but it is one that I think we all need to express ourselves on and be heard in our communities and across the broader state and across the country because, as was indicated by several speakers today, we do face what can only be described as an epidemic and an epidemic of the worst kind, which is taking up to two women from our community every week.

Otama Submarine

The submarine HMAS Otama was left to rot in Western Port for close to 10 years by the Bracks and Brumby Governments. Immediately after winning government in 2010 I wrote to the new Minister for Environment and Climate Change to ask him to overturn the decisions of the past and give permission for the submarine to come ashore and be granted an actual home location.

Police Resources

A newspaper article appearing earlier this week reported that in keeping with its new method of policing, Victoria Police has added yet another police station to its growing list of fully or partially closed police stations.

Public Holidays

Commentators across the world have for some time been warning about the fragile nature of the world's economies and those of our nation and state. With the commodities boom a distant memory and the car industry getting ready to join it, it is clear we are not immune.

Somerville Police Station

Today I rise to call on the Minister for Police to fulfil the clear directions given by the Chief Commissioner of Police, Ken Lay, as detailed in his letter last year for the Somerville police station, and provide the 16 hours a day service Chief Commissioner Lay had committed to in writing for the people of the Somerville community.