Crib Point Fire Station

Mr BURGESS — On 14 July I was excited to join former Crib Point fire brigade captain Geoff Watson, chief officer Steve Warrington, federal member for Flinders Greg Hunt and former and iconic Crib Point resident Rosemary Evans at the turning of the sod ceremony at the site of the new Crib Point fire station. The Crib Point fire station people have worked very hard to secure this badly needed new station and this was another step for this critically important piece of infrastructure. I would like thank Rosemary Evans, who helped drive this project, and Greg Hunt for the land.

Baxter Railway Extension

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (09:49:33) — I congratulate Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the Victorian Leader of the Opposition for making the trip down to Baxter on 17 July to announce a joint $450 million partnership deal for the first important stage of the electrification and duplication of the entire Stony Point railway line. Under a Guy Liberal‑National state government work to electrify and duplicate the line to Baxter will begin next year. The Turnbull government committed $225 million to this transport infrastructure in its 2018–19 budget and the Victorian opposition has also committed $225 million. For the first time residents of Langwarrin, Crib Point, Bittern, Hastings, Tyabb, Somerville, Pearcedale and Baxter will be able to take a short drive to the large park and ride just north of Baxter and catch a train all the way through to the city without changing trains anywhere. For Langwarrin residents there will be no more fighting for a car park in Frankston or other railway stations just to get on the metro line; we are bringing the metro line to you. My community will finally have metro trains and a more frequent and reliable metro timetable available for them and their families.

Somerville robbery

Recently a Somerville resident was robbed, with their money being snatched from their hands shortly after they left one of our local banks. I am told that this local community member has been so traumatised and terrified by this experience that they are too scared to leave their home. This sort of frightening criminal activity is now also happening in the middle of the day in local streets, and it must stop. My community has the right to be and feel safe. This is unfortunately no longer a given under the Andrews Labor government.

Labor MP shows disdain for small businesses

During debate on the Labour Hire Licensing Bill 2017 yesterday in this house the member for Mordialloc through interjection exposed the depth of the disdain with which the Andrews Labor government holds Victorian small businesses by claiming that they want to pay their employees just 10 cents an hour. This member is an absolute disgrace, as is this government.

Bike, walking and running path between Golf Links Road, the Peninsula Link trail and the Somerville railway station

My question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. I am seeking information on behalf of the Western Port community regarding the bike, walking and running path between Golf Links Road, the Peninsula Link trail and the Somerville railway station. There is currently a gap in this otherwise comprehensive bike path network.

Somerville Football Netball Club

 On 20 April I was pleased to attend a luncheon hosted by the Somerville Football and Netball Club and to listen to their guest speaker, Dylan Alcott, OAM. Dylan’s amazing achievements include being an Australian wheelchair basketballer, wheelchair tennis player, gold medal Paralympian, radio host and motivational speaker. He is an amazing young man, a dynamic speaker and very funny. I encourage all members to take the opportunity to hear him speak.

Somerville Community House

On 5 May it was a pleasure to be invited to speak at the Somerville Community House open day. Throughout the day there were demonstrations of yoga, tai chi and rock’n’roll, and there was painting for the kids and plant stalls, a barbecue, refreshments and the opportunity to inspect their outstanding new garden. There were opportunities for all.


I was pleased to assist the Baxter Residents and Traders Progress Action Committee (BRATPAC) at its sausage sizzle on 5 May at the Baxter shopping centre as part of Baxter’s centenary celebrations the following day. Congratulations to the wonderful Baxter community on their township’s centenary and to those who serve Baxter residents as part of BRATPAC. A big thanks to all those local businesses whose generous donations made the barbecue possible.

ATEP Awards

Apprenticeship and Traineeship Employment Partners

Mr BURGESS — On 4 May I was pleased to attend the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Employment Partners (ATEP) community awards night at the Frankston RSL. In operation since 1987, ATEP is a not‑for‑profit, community‑based organisation employing around 200 apprentices and trainees and offering innovative career pathways to young people on the Mornington Peninsula and in the south‑eastern suburbs.

Anzac Day 2018

Anzac Day

Mr BURGESS — For Anzac Day services this year I was privileged to lay wreaths at Langwarrin, Pearcedale and Crib Point, joining many hundreds of members of my community, young and old, to commemorate the Anzac tradition and recognise those who served our great country and its people. World War I was a state and nation‑shaping event, and 100 years on the sense of nationhood and identity amongst our people continues to grow.