Provision of a new public toilet in Warneet

Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (11:37:45) — (15 000) My question is to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. I am seeking information on behalf of my Blind Bight and Warneet communities about the provision of a new public toilet in Warneet. Blind Bight and Warneet constituents have stated that a new public toilet with facilities for people with disabilities is badly needed on Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning land at the Warneet boat ramp. The old toilet is unusable. It has no lights, it is too far from the boat ramp and the local council has stated that the area is in fact snake infested. Local residents have stated that on weekends, when over 1000 people visit the town to use the boat ramp, visitors are forced to use the surrounding brush as a makeshift toilet, creating not only a hygiene problem but an embarrassing situation for adults and children alike, while the situation is immeasurably worse for people with a disability.

The City of Casey has stated that the area is foreshore land and therefore the responsibility of the state government. Council has been advocating for the state government to install a toilet in this area for some time — in fact a long time. The exact location of the toilet will be a decision for the state government agency. I am calling on the state government to fix this unsightly and unusable public amenity urgently. Victorians of all abilities should have the right to expect a public toilet in this location.