Public Holidays – Petitions

To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria:

We, the undersigned citizens of Victoria, call on the Legislative Assembly of Victoria to note the harmful impacts of the decision by the Daniel Andrews Labor government to declare new public holidays in Victoria.

At a time of high and rising unemployment and when many businesses are already doing it tough, Daniel Andrews has imposed a major new cost that will see many businesses close their doors for the day, employees lose much-needed shifts and inflict significant damage on our state's economy.

The Andrews government's own assessment of the grand final eve public holiday put the cost of the holiday to Victoria at up to $898 million per year.

The impact of these additional costs will not be restricted to businesses, with local government and hospitals also affected leaving ratepayers and the community to foot the bill.

We therefore call on the Daniel Andrews Labor government to reverse its decision to impose the grand final eve public holiday.

By Mr BURGESS (Hastings) (144 signatures).