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Commentators across the world have for some time been warning about the fragile nature of the world's economies and those of our nation and state. With the commodities boom a distant memory and the car industry getting ready to join it, it is clear we are not immune. When most nations, including our own, are doing all they can to strengthen, reinforce and diversify their products and markets and when the federal government has pulled out all stops to establish free trade agreements with numerous countries to help insulate our economy from economic shocks that can prove debilitating if there is reliance on too few products or trading partners — when all of this is going on around us, what is the Andrews government's contribution to our state's resilience and economic stability? Two new public holidays

Labor does not get it. None of its members get business. They think it is something to be continually squeezed for more. What they do not get is that companies and economies are similar to the share market in the way they thrive on confidence and struggle with uncertainty. Through its cold indifference to the wellbeing of our businesses, Labor has created a level of uncertainty that, if not addressed, could lead to a drop in business confidence, and that is the last thing our economy needs. What is yet to be seen is just how severe the long-term consequences of Labor's expensive public holiday gifts to its union mates will be.