Public Holidays

I rise to condemn this anti-small business Labor government for the damage it will continue to inflict on Victoria's small business community through its Grand Final Friday public holiday on 2 October. One can only imagine that because government members have never run a business or, in most cases, even had a job in business they simply do not understand how critically important small business is to our state and how damaging these two new imposts are to our state's businesses. If they do understand and still support these two new gifts to their union mates, the conclusion to be drawn is far more sinister.

Victoria's small businesses and their growth, sustainability and productivity are vital to the ongoing economic health of our state and the resilience and wellbeing of our communities. These two new public holidays will damage Victoria's economy, hurt business and cost thousands of jobs. With unemployment high and our economy under pressure, it defies logic that a government would so brutally undermine the very businesses we rely on to invest, grow and employ our young people.

With many small businesses providing many jobs in this state, most families would include at least one small business owner or employee, so when Labor attacks small business, it attacks Victorian families. If it were not so damaging, it might be funny that we have a federal government spending billions of dollars to assist business and stimulate the national economy and the Reserve Bank of Australia dropping interest rates to record lows to provide incentive for business to grow, while in Victoria we have a Premier whose only jobs have been continually squeezing more out of other people's hard work and endeavour, happily undoing all of that work.