Regional Victorian Small Business confidence, crashing under Labor

The June Small Business Index survey of Victorian small businesses showed, for a tenth consecutive time, a negative trend in confidence towards the policies and direction of the Andrews Labor Government.

There was even more bad news for the government coming from regional Victorian Small Businesses with double digit falls observed, down a whopping 13 points from the last quarter.  Regional Victoria is now nine points lower than the national average for regional small businesses. 

The negative results weren’t just confined to regional Victoria with confidence in metropolitan Melbourne falling eight points to add insult to injury.

Overall confidence in Victoria has dropped six points from the same survey conducted at this time last year, showing Labor and its Minister for Small Business; Philip Dalidakis are taking no notice of the struggling small businesses in this state.

Three State Labor Governments (Victoria, South Australia and Queensland) had pronounced negative views when asked about their assessment of state and territory government policies.  Victoria record a rating of negative 14, with criticism centring on the government is taking too much notice of unions (9%), not providing advice or support also 9% and the government not being supportive of country areas (9%). 

The Minister needs to accept these disastrous results and either make significant alterations to policies or resign his commission.  The Premier must also act to ensure the entire Labor Government take note of these findings and begin working for small businesses, not against them. 


Quotes attributable to Neale Burgess MP, Shadow Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises:

“The Sensis Small Business Index has painted a grim picture of small business attitudes towards the Victorian Government and their policies yet again.  The only people not hearing this clear message are Daniel Andrews and Minister Philip Dalidakis”.

“The majority of Victorian small businesses are run by Victorian families and when you hurt small businesses, you hurt Victorian families.”

“Only a Matthew Guy-led Coalition Government will provide certainty for small businesses.  We will put the needs of Victorians ahead of trade union demands”.

“A government which ignores the fact that more businesses are suggesting they are working against them then for them is one that is arrogant and needs to go.  Ten consecutive negative results in attitudes signals this governments intention to continue being beholden to the trade union movement”.