Retail Staff Abuse

Mr Burgess (Hastings) (14:43): (6163) My question is for the Minister for Health. Minister, several of my constituents working in retail have stated that they experience daily verbal abuse and threats of violence when asking customers to provide proof of double vaccination.

My constituents have described these experiences as very stressful and risky, and they do not believe that they are something that they should have to deal with. My constituents are fully vaccinated because they believe that is the right thing to do. Many of them are also quite young. However, my constituents have expressed the view that with Victoria reaching 90 per cent vaccination rate, there should be no longer any valid reason for retail staff to be forced to go through this confrontation with their customers. My constituents have asked if this proof of double vaccination requirement will be eased in Victoria as it will be in New South Wales when it reaches 95 per cent double vaccination on 15 December 2021. This is a very serious safety issue, which I ask the minister to please address urgently.